2007 : The establishment of Nautiscaphe in Six-Fours-les Plages (Var). Its creation was motivated by the desire to carry out an environmental campaign under the surface of the water. From this perspective, Nautiscaphe worked on an ecological anchorage project. Recognising that environmental protection is not sufficient, Nautiscaphe has endeavoured, since its creation, to integrate safety and economic dimensions when carrying out its projects.

2008 : Patenting, the first prize in the “Patent Category” of the Network of Technological Development PACA for its elliptical anchors. Rewarded for its technologically innovative approach, Nautiscaphe has developed the concept of screw anchors (existing concept) while making improvements to the shape of its anchors and the materials used.

2009Integration of Nautiscaphe within the Poralu Marine group. Thanks to this partnership, Nautiscaphe’s activity is developing in France and abroad.

o-guillemets Today, Nautiscaphe has 200 projects spread over 3 continents and carried out by our own staff or our partners. f-guillemets