Le transport des ellipses et de la machine de vissage dans une barge equivalent au bloc de beton de 4T
Nautiscaphe is distinguished by an innovative patented screw anchor, the Ellipse®. The particular shape of its blade associated with a specific steel alloy Plongeurs en action sur le bras de la visseusewith shape memory provides a breakout coefficient and a much higher mechanical strength than other similar anchorage systems. The ellipses provide a far higher stress resistance level than concrete blocks and eliminate any risk of slippage. Each ellipse is treated against corrosion in accordance with galvanising standards NF in ISO 1461 and 14713.
Installation of this system is easy (hydraulic plant with screwing arms in stainless steel) and provides divers with a large freedom of movement.

 o-guillemetsNautiscaphe works in partnership with the Veritas Bureau. At your request we can therefore carry out tests verified and certified by Veritas.f-guillemets

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